01/17/2017Random Replay: Todd Johnson must diewith Todd Johnson
SelectOriginal air date: 06/23/2009 Todd is a comedian who star is on the rise. In this episode Todd discusses his plan for going to LA. He also discusses how he he wants to be famous but not too famous.
01/10/2017Random Replay: Meet the Rutledgeswith The Rutledges
SelectOriginal air date: 06/14/2012 Gabriel and Kristi Rutledge are the newest members of the Green Room Radio family. Gabriel is a comedian and his wife Kristi is a stay at home mom. Vilmos has them on to introduce them to the Green Room audience.
01/03/2017Random Replay: A big Catch for the showwith Christian Davis
SelectOriginal air date: 01/08/2010 Christian is the manager of Catch A Rising Star in Reno Nevada. Starting next week The Green Room will be interviewing the comedians working there. In this episode we get a little background about Christian and find out about the club.
12/27/2016Random Replay: The Chameleon of Comedywith Freddy Charles
SelectOriginal air date: 08/26/2009 Freddy is 2nd generation Lebanese in the entertainment industry. His father was a comedian and producer in Los Angeles. He started doing comedy in the early 80's in Los Angeles. He is a talented performer, writer and actor.
12/20/2016Random Replay: Consummate comedianwith Dave Goldstein
SelectOriginal air date: 11/30/2011 Bill Hicks once said if you can't be funny be interesting. Dave goes far beyond this, he is interestingly funny. Having worked his way up the comedy ladder he has had many great opportunities in comedy. He also tells a couple of great road stories.