07/19/2016Random Replay: TNT - The Todd partwith Todd Brandt
SelectOriginal air date: 07/23/2011 Todd grew up in the small town of Rugby ND. At night he was able to listen to John "Records" Landecker on WLS in Chicago. He managed to get on the air earlier than most when he was still in high school. Over the years that followed he went to school to become a radio broadcaster and worked in radio stations all over the country. Then fate stepped in when he got an on air job in Harrisburg PA and met Mike Tyler.
07/12/2016Random Replay: An early startwith Sam Morril
SelectOriginal air date: 09/11/2012 Sam was fortunate enough to understand that he wanted to be a comedian early in his life. With inspiration from comedians like Rodney Dangerfield and Dave Attell he has been developing his own unique style of comedy since he got out of high school.
07/05/2016Random Replay: Spare changewith Slade Ham
SelectOriginal air date: 06/29/2011 Slade started out in radio and then became a stand up comic. Somewhere along the way he became the owner of a comedy club (which is now closed). Slade comes on the show and discusses his podcast, his comedy career and road rage.
06/28/2016Random Replay: On the go....with Rocky Whatule
SelectOriginal air date: 12/15/2010 Rocky has a lot going on. A family with 1 child and one on the way. A production company and a comedy career. It's a good thing he has a LOT of energy.
06/21/2016Random Replay: The Gene Room - Episode 2with Vilmos
SelectOriginal air date: 05/13/2012 Even though he is the host of the show it has been a rare event when Vilmos has been a guest on the Green Room. In this episode Vilmos has his good friend and fellow comedian Geno Bisconte take over the show.