04/28/2015Random Replay: Doing what it takeswith BT
SelectOriginal air date: 04/26/2012 BT seems to have an endless amount of energy. In this episode he talks about things that make it difficult to be on the road, his love for motorcycle riding, and why he like The Preditor.
04/21/2015Random Replay: Hustle, hustle, hustlewith Dante
SelectOriginal air date: 02/08/2011 Dante always has a lot going. He's filming a movie, keeping a busy standup road schedule, promoting himself and touring to entertain the troops. Even so, he still has time to run the Funniest Comic in LA contest.
04/14/2015Random Replay: From the office to the stagewith Paul Hooper
SelectOriginal air date: 11/18/2010 In the 4th grade Paul wrote on the blackboard he was going to be a comedian when he grew up. He started out in Charlotte NC at the Comedy Zone. He worked in the office and learned about the business of comedy during the day and went on stage at night.
04/07/2015Random Replay: An elf in the Dork Forestwith Jackie Kashian
SelectOriginal air date: 09/10/2009 Jackie has been doing comedy for many years. Her career has taken her from the clubs in the Midwest to Comedy Central and Last Comic Standing. Through it all she has maintained her connection with the geeks that love gaming (The Dork Forest). In this episode she talks about her family and growing up in Wisconsin the daughter of divorced parents.
03/31/2015Random Replay: Consummate comedianwith Dave Goldstein
SelectOriginal air date: 11/30/2011 Bill Hicks once said if you can't be funny be interesting. Dave goes far beyond this, he is interestingly funny. Having worked his way up the comedy ladder he has had many great opportunities in comedy. He also tells a couple of great road stories.