08/23/2016Random Replay: The funniest black comic in LAwith Dante
SelectOriginal air date: 01/12/2010 Dante started doing comedy 23 years ago. He talks about winning the title of funniest black comic in LA, being on a TV show on BET and his experience with Last Comic Standing.
08/16/2016Random Replay: Always be readywith Paul Morrissey
SelectOriginal air date: 04/30/2010 Paul always has a 5 minute TV clean set ready. He's been on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson 4 times, one at the last minute. He started out as a Sports Anchor and after a short stint teaching he decided to become a comedian.
08/09/2016Random Replay: Easy goingwith Vince Martin
SelectOriginal air date: 05/04/2011 Vince and Vilmos have worked on the road from time to time. They talk about some of their shared experiences. They also talk about comedians that behave badly.
08/02/2016Random Replay: Going viral!with Frances Dilorinzo
SelectOriginal air date: 12/28/2010 Frances has a lot going. A husband, two boys, a comedy career and a video that's going viral. She discusses all that plus women in comedy.
07/26/2016Random Replay: Looks can be deceivingwith K-von
SelectOriginal air date: 08/30/2011 K-von doesn't keep his ethnicity a secret. In fact he is very candid about his ethnicity. He's not what you would expect someone of his heritage to look like. It works both ways for him. Sometimes it's an advantage, sometimes not.