04/24/2014The Green Room #477 - Apr 24, 2014with The Green Room
SelectGabriel Rutledge of The Rutledges Podcast leaves another message that Vilmos comments on. Comedian news and Vilmos rips apart a study on humor done at the University of Colorado.
04/22/2014Random Replay: A real old friendwith Kevin Jordan
SelectOriginal air date: 09/02/2010 Kevin is a very old friend of Vilmos. They talk about some very old road stories that Vilmos though would never be told in public.
04/17/2014The Green Room #476 - Apr 14, 2014with The Green Room
SelectGabriel Rutledge of the Rutledges Podcast comments on the show. Ben Roy goes to #3 on the Itunes comedy charts. Dave Attell gets a new show on Comedy Central.
04/15/2014Random Replay: I don't even like you!with Sam Fedele
SelectOriginal air date: 08/14/2008 This is a Bonus episode of the Green Room! It didn't look like Stephen Kruiser was going to make it so Vilmos and his good friend Sam Fedele hung out and talked a little bit about Sam and a little bit about current events. Then there's the insults. Listen and wonder whether they really even like each other.
04/10/2014GR #475 - Apr 10, 2014with Green Room
SelectIt's a brand new format for The Green Room. Vilmos is now joined by Super Listener Scott Walker to discuss all things standup comedy. In this episode Last Comic Standing 8, recent comedian deaths and Comedy Clubs of the Week.