10/18/2016Random Replay: 8 years and climbingwith Ian Gutoskie
SelectOriginal air date: 10/12/2010 Ian is more than just a rising star in the comedy world. Shooting star would probably be a better description. He has been headlining comedy clubs since his 4th year in comedy. A time when most comedians are still in the emcee slot. A native of Canada he decided to hone his comedy skills in a different climate, Florida.
10/11/2016Random Replay: Bigger than Kevin Pollakwith Tim Gaither
SelectOriginal air date: 01/07/2010 Tim originally was going to be a teacher before a friend played a Bill Hicks CD for him that completely changed his life. He immediately knew he had to be a comedian.
10/04/2016Random Replay: They paid us in quarterswith Ben Roy
SelectOriginal air date: 01/14/2010 Ben was in a punk rock band when his wife started working at the Comedy Works in Denver one of the most prestigious clubs in the country. One thing led to another and he decided to try comedy. He has quickly moved up in the comedy world. He now headlines the Comedy Works on a regular basis and is even being considered for an appearance at the Montreal Comedy Festival.
09/27/2016Random Replay: No more pay phoneswith Patrick Candelaria
SelectOriginal air date: 12/16/2010 Patrick never wanted to have a cell phone. He probably wouldn't even have one now if it wasn't for "The Incident". He does say the the cell phone he has now gets email. He uses it to call his wife and asks her to check.
09/20/2016Random Replay: Rockin' Rockywith Rocky Whatule
SelectOriginal air date: 08/09/2011 On stage Rocky is high energy. He is also high energy off stage. He has many irons in the fire. One of them is the Rockin' Wrap-Up. He is also 6 days away from rolling out a new web site devoted to comedy and comedians.