02/26/2015Episode #477 - Feb 26, 2015with The Green Room
SelectVilmos discusses a new business comedians can get into. Did Joan Rivers get snubbed at the Academy Awards?
02/24/2015Random Replay: More work pleasewith Sam Fedele
SelectOriginal air date: 07/22/2010 Sam comes on the show for the 5th time. During his interview Sam takes a call from a booking agent. He also discusses his love for entertaining the troops
02/19/2015Episode #476 - Feb 19, 2015with The Green Room
SelectVilmos and Super Listener Scott walker talk about the SNL 40th anniversary show and how the cast members were ranked. Was Victoria Jackson actually snubbed?
02/17/2015Random Replay: You can bet on himwith Jimmie Roulette
SelectOriginal air date: 03/10/2011 Jimmie started off in the comedy business the right way. He found a Manager early in his career. And while a manager helps you have to have talent to. He has performed at the prestigious HBO Comedy Festival and appears at some of the finest Comedy Clubs in the country.
02/12/2015Episode #475 - Feb 12, 2015with The Green Room
SelectA comedian wins a lawsuit against the city of Cincinnati. TJ Miller is under fire on social media. Should a comedian lose his booking if he refuses to be clean?