07/29/2014Random Replay: The Chameleon of Comedywith Freddy Charles
SelectOriginal air date: 08/26/2009 Freddy is 2nd generation Lebanese in the entertainment industry. His father was a comedian and producer in Los Angeles. He started doing comedy in the early 80's in Los Angeles. He is a talented performer, writer and actor.
07/26/2014Episode #448 - Jul 26, 2014with The Green Room
SelectIt's a special edition of The Green Room. Vilmos and Super Listener Scott Walker discuss the most recent episode of Last Comic Standing Season 8, The Roast which aired Jul 24, 2014
07/24/2014Episode #447 - Jul 24, 2014with The Green Room
SelectWileys in Dayton changes ownership and why grudges against clubs are not a good idea. Vilmos suggests a drinking game for the show.
07/22/2014Random Replay: Contest, festivals and sitcomswith Leif Skyving
SelectOriginal air date: 06/17/2008 His first time on stage was at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Then just when when things were getting good he went on an 8 year hiatus from comedy to be a musician But fortunately for us he came back and went back on the road. In this episode Leif discusses how he ended up in Idaho, his participation in comedy contests and festivals, and the sitcom he has written.
07/18/2014Episode #446 - Jul 18, 2014with The Green Room
SelectThis is a special episode. Vilmos and Super Listener Scott Walker review Last Comic Standing Episode 'Universal Tram Experience' which aired Jul 17, 2014.