11/24/2015Random Replay: A desperate house dadwith Kermit Holiday
SelectOriginal air date: 05/19/2009 Kermit used to be the "worlds skinniest comic" but now he is a desperate house dad. In this episode Kermit talks about what it takes to get into the theatre circuit. How theatres are different from clubs and why he'll never give doing comedy in clubs.
11/17/2015Random Replay: I never wanted to be a piratewith Dante
SelectOriginal air date: 10/04/2011 You know you are doing something right when the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club invites you to do a podcast in their new podcast theater. And it's not surprising because Dante has worked hard to get to where he is today.
11/10/2015Random Replay: Moving up on IMDBwith Ron Morey
SelectOriginal air date: 07/14/2009 This is Ron's third appearance on the Green Room. We discussed his listing in IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and how his Starmeter went up 342% when we accessed his profile. Ron also discusses independent films and how just about anyone can make one.
11/03/2015Random Replay: Our resident Flower Childwith Vanessa Hollingshead
SelectOriginal air date: 09/24/2009 How many comedians can be just as comfortable on a New York stage as in a commune? Vanessa's journey into comedy started as a young girl in the 60's. The daughter of enlightened parents she was originally going to become an actress. But the road to comedy has been a winding one taking her down Broadway, Wall Street and the most famous and respected comedy clubs in the country.
10/27/2015Random Replay: Will the real Tom Simmons.....with Tom Simmons
SelectOriginal air date: 02/29/2012 There's another Tom Simmons out there. He's not a standup comic, he's an actor. But IMDB thinks there's only one and have merged the two Tom Simmons. This has created a career that Vilmos suggests that Tom use to his advantage.