04/26/2016Random Replay: He's got the line on comedywith Rob SHerwoord
SelectOriginal air date: 02/11/2010 Rob is a long time Las Vegas resident and that's where he started comedy. When he's in Vegas you'll find him working as the opening act for Carrot Top.
04/19/2016Random Replay: Bobby speaks outwith Bobby Tessel
SelectOriginal air date: 10/07/2008 If you were to meet Bobby Tessel on the street you'd think him to be the "quiet type". But this "quiet type" guy is quite a comedian. In this episode Bobby talks about being on the Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman and being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune.
04/12/2016Random Replay: A page a minutewith Freddy Charles
SelectOriginal air date: 02/18/2010 Fred is in the upper echelon of comedians performing in clubs today. But he is also a gifted writer whose work just won a best screenplay award.
04/05/2016Random Replay: Nose to the grindstonewith Don Barnhart
SelectOriginal air date: 12/06/2011 Don is loaded with talent but what has set him apart from other comedians is his work ethic. Always looking for an opportunity and not afraid to take a chance Don has become a real success story.
03/29/2016Random Replay: The Rutledges - The Replaywith The Rutledges
SelectOriginal air date: 06/18/2012 The Rutledges is the newest podcast on Green Room Radio. This is a replay of their 3rd episode to introduce them to the regular Green Room listeners.