08/25/2015Random Replay: This will have to dowith Not JR Brow
SelectOriginal air date: 10/28/2010 JR Brow should be today's guest but he isn't. Apparently he has an issue with the host of the show Vilmos. So Not JR Brow agreed to be on the show.
08/18/2015Random Replay: They bought me an Rwith Rick D'Elia
SelectOriginal air date: 02/09/2010 Rick started out in Boston but ended up in LA. After many years in the business he's not just a gifted performer on stage. He is also a producer and writer.
08/11/2015Random Replay: Doctor Go To Guywith Matt Iseman
SelectOriginal air date: 11/25/2008 You may know Matt as the "Go To Guy" in Clean House. Or The Host of Versus Networks new show Sports Soup. Or he may have actually treated you when you were sick. Listen to Matt explain how he went from being a licensed physician to be a comedian.
08/04/2015Random Replay: Break a leg!with Sunda Croonquist
SelectOriginal air date: 02/22/2011 Sunda has a talk show on Jewish Life Television. These days she's doing stand up comedy sitting down. In January she broke her leg and has to sit to do her show. She discusses how sitting down has affected her act and what is was like to become a media sensation.
07/28/2015Random Replay: He has the entertainer genewith Chris Clobber
SelectOriginal air date: 05/20/2008 Chris has been an entertainer all his life. In this episode Chris discusses the 'entertainer gene'; how when he was young he entertained people at the festivals his parents took him to; and his connection to Sherri Lewis and Lamb Chop.