12/12/2017Random Replay: The Scenistwith Carl LaBove
SelectOriginal air date: 05/11/2010 Carl is one of the Outlaws of Comedy. A group of comedians he and his best friend Sam Kinison started in the 80s. Having done comedy for over 30 years Carl is truly a one of a kind comedian who does a different show every time he hits the stage.
12/05/2017Random Replay: On the Northwest Trailwith Leif Skyving
SelectOriginal air date: 06/16/2009 Leif can definitely think 'out of the box'. While a lot of comedians continue to stand in line to work existing venues Leif decided to make his own way. In this episode he discusses what it's like to book himself into non-traditional comedy venues and his comedy trip to Alaska.
11/28/2017Random Replay: Caleb saves the one-nighterwith Caleb Medley
SelectOriginal air date: 11/16/2010 Vilmos talks with Caleb about his first one-nighter run. They also discuss why Caleb is afraid Vilmos
11/21/2017Random Replay: Spare changewith Slade Ham
SelectOriginal air date: 06/29/2011 Slade started out in radio and then became a stand up comic. Somewhere along the way he became the owner of a comedy club (which is now closed). Slade comes on the show and discusses his podcast, his comedy career and road rage.
11/14/2017Random Replay: A self proclaimed 'Square'with Matt Golightly
SelectOriginal air date: 06/17/2010 Matt was an Intern for the San Antonio Spurs when he needed to find out if some material he wrote for the team was funny. He found they liked his material. He found out he wanted to be a comedian.