03/24/2015Random Replay: There's a lot going on under that shower capwith Gayle Becwar
SelectOriginal air date: 08/13/2009 Armed with a shower cap and a cardboard tube for a magic wand Gayle is truly a great magician that is incredibly funny. Coming from a family of magicians (his father and sisters are all magicians) he was destined to do magic. But when Gayle was just a boy he decided that being funny was just as fun.
03/19/2015Episode #480 - Mar 19, 2015with The Green Room
SelectThis is the final episode of The Green Room. Vilmos and Super Listener Scott Walker want to thank everyone for listening and their support. Hear their final thoughts on the podcast.
03/17/2015Random Replay: Funny Magicwith Ben Seidman
SelectOriginal air date: 04/26/2011 Ben knew he wanted to be a Magician when he was 12. But he also enjoyed being funny. Over the years he has learned how to combine the two into a great show. His skill as a magician is so respected that he created magic tricks for Chris Angel.
03/12/2015Episode #479 - Mar 12, 2015with The Green Room
SelectAdam Carolla's new movie gets poor reviews. Adam Carolla says he will no longer apologize. Vilmos announces that the next episode of The Green Room will be the last one.
03/10/2015Random Replay: Evil club ownerwith Gary Bynum
SelectOriginal air date: 02/13/2009 Now we're having a little fun at Gary's expense. We didn't have a photo of him and in the business of comedy sometimes club owners are evil. But..... Gary is actually a very nice guy that is responsible for much of the comedy that has taken place in the Southwest. He started Laffs Comedy Cafe' in Albuquerque in 1986 and Laffs Comedy Cafe' in Tucson. Gary speaks about comedy from the club owners view. And what it was like when comedy in the Southwest was just beginning.