08/19/2014Geno's Picks AFC NORTH NFL previewwith Geno's Picks
Select Geno sits with Shuli Egar of the Howard 100 News team on the ride back from a Connecticut gig and talks all things Howard Stern, Stand Up Comedy and... most importantly... AFC North and Shuli's Steelers including how a boy raised in Israel and The West Coast would become a Pittsburgh Football Fan. Listen in!!!
08/14/2014Geno's Picks AFC SOUTH NFL previewwith Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back with the easiest of all predictions this year the AFC South. But before Geno gets to that he breaks down his ALS ICE BUCKET Challenge, Why the replay rule in the MLB and NFL mirrors our society's increasing fear of living in the present and why backup QB's should be kicking ass in the pre-season. Here we go...
08/06/2014Geno's Picks NFC EAST NFL previewwith Geno's Picks
SelectGeno brings back fan fave the beloved Paulie Baltimore to breakdown the NFC East, Paulie not only surprises but CONVINCES Geno to change his NFC East pick. They also break down tons of fantasy picks and gambling tips on the over/under on team wins and so much more for the upcoming season... Enjoy!!!
07/29/2014Geno's Picks AFC WEST NFL previewwith Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back each week breaking down his thoughts on how each division will play out. This week he stays close to his heart as he breaks down his Bolts Chances in the AFC West and talk about how the division will play out and why. He also tells you some Fantasy Steals and busts in that division
06/20/2014Geno's Picks June 20, 2014with Geno's Picks
SelectDon't be frightened by the length (FINALLY i get to say that), this is actually just seven minutes of Geno explaining why the World Cup is such an amazing display of incredible athletes but also why , sadly, 'FUTBOL' will always lose out to FOOTBALL in the States. (Sorry Europe, it's not you, it's us). Geno also teases out his West Coast swing to L.A. with his buddy (pronounced MEAL-tick-et) Artie Lange. T final 56 minutes is Geno's controversial Tuesday appearance on Ron and Fez