06/20/2015Geno's Picks June 20, 2015with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno eventually gets to sports but mostly explains why guns do not kill people but children with parents that are the biggest contributing factor to the eroding American family do. Oh yeah and he touches on the terrible US Open course, The lousy format of the All Star Game, and reads from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.
06/06/2015Geno's Picks June 5, 2015with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno breaks down his thoughts on the Kyrie-less NBA Finals and tells you why it could be the very thing that even further cements the Legend of LeBron. He also gives his top five NBA team of all time, Tells you why the Belmont will go a 37th year without crowning a Triple Crown winner and of course catches you up on @artiequitter odds and ends of the week.
05/29/2015Geno's Picks May 29, 2015with Geno's Picks
Select#Daddy is back with his Geno's Picks #FreeFriday catching you up on all things from this week's @artiequitter #pod and giving his definition of success, explains why Ray Rice is NOT being blackballed, why Adrian Peterson is desperate, why Dwight Howard and Ron Artest are douchebags, and because my peeps asked for it, MY MLB Predictions for the year.
05/22/2015Geno's Picks May 22, 2015with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno Talks NFL and NBA playoffs, OK mostly NBA and discusses his thoughts on the NFL moving a team to Los Angeles. Of course he weighs in with thoughts on DeflateGate and in the process beaks down the AFC East.
05/15/2015Geno's Picks May 15, 2015with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back with his weekly Friday Podcast to chat things up while Artie takes a well-deserved day of rest. Talking DeflateGate, NFL draft and NBA playoffs today,but what we do moving forward? That is all up to you @artiequitter peeps.