05/15/2015Geno's Picks May 15, 2015with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back with his weekly Friday Podcast to chat things up while Artie takes a well-deserved day of rest. Talking DeflateGate, NFL draft and NBA playoffs today,but what we do moving forward? That is all up to you @artiequitter peeps.
03/06/2015Geno's Picks March 6, 2015with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back talking about the two most ridiculous things all week like the jets signing Brandon Marshall and people who try to do Mock drafts. Oh and he laments his return to wintry NYC from sunny LA.
02/20/2015Geno's Picks February 20, 2015with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno explains why the NFL Combine is the equivalent of the SATs, Marcus Mariota vs Jameis Winston of course little Johnny Manziel bashing, why he things the Jacksonville Jaguars are a sleeper this year, oh yeah and why Roger Goodell is a bully bordering on Slave owner
02/10/2015Geno's Picks February 10, 2015with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back--for good this time talking about spending 20 minutes trying to explain the Seattle pass play why DeflateGate proves the NFL will always take your money year and why Johnny Manziel is full of crap, and booze,and quite possibly cocaine. Pretty much everything except an NFL skill set. Oh yeah, and Jerry Rice is a little douchey.
01/29/2015Geno's Picks SUPER BOWL 49with Geno's Picks
SelectGENO and his annual Super Bowl Guest Paulie Baltimore return with every pick possible for SB 49