02/05/2016In Hot Water with Brandon and Daddy-Super Bowl Edwith Geno's Picks
SelectGeno and Aaron chat about the Women In Comedy Movement against Sexual Harassment. After they finish mocking that ridiculousness, they give picks for the upcoming Super Bowl of course but not before knocking out another chapter of The Berg Bible Mister Manners.
01/28/2016In Hot Water with Brandon and Daddywith Geno's Picks
SelectGeno and Aaron talk about the elephant in the room and the accusations of stealing. Who they hold accountable may surprise you. Then Geno talks about the elephant not in the room explaining his recent absence form the Artiequitter podcast. And of course the boys read from Aaron Bergs fine book. And so much more
01/22/2016Geno's Picks In Hot Water with Brandon and Daddy with Geno's Picks
SelectEpisode two as Aaron aka Brandon and Geno whom you all know as Daddy talk NFL and debate whether newer comics deserve to demand to be paid like veterans. And of course Geno reads again from Aarons first book
01/15/2016Geno's Picks Is In Hot Water with Aaron Bergwith Geno's Picks
SelectAaron Berg joins Geno Bisconte on the pilot episode of their new podcast, IN HOT WATER. Think of it as Genos Picks if there was someone talented talking. This week Geno and Aaron talk comedy, sports, and coming to grips with how they got here. And Geno reads from Aarons first book.
01/09/2016Geno's Picks NFL Wildcard Week 2016with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back after a week 17 break and brings the house, literally as roommates Kevin Dombrowski, Rich Shultis, and Bronston Jones all chime in their thoughts about the Wildcard weekend and about comedy in general and even get into it about the Redskins name debate. It is a crazy listen but you may just enjoy it.