09/13/2014Geno's Picks NFL Week 2 2014with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno started out at 67% with a solid 10-5 opening week... factor in his Ravens call on TNF and he's just under 70%.. this week Geno gives 15 great tips... 17 if you include his thoughts on parenting and his podcast recommendation... Enjoy
09/06/2014Geno's Picks NFL Week 1 2014with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back with his Week 1 NFL breakdown of all the games and some insight on this week's opening Seattle green bay tilt which he predicted of course.. so why not take a chance on a guy that's batting 1.000 on the 2014 season ;-) This week Geno tells you why the Eddie Lacy hype train may already be out of control and the sleeper of all sleepers for our fantasy league waiver wire in week 1
09/02/2014Geno's Picks 2014 NFL previewwith Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back to finish what he started... his 2014 NFL preview tying up all the loose ends and giving you an over under for one team in every division along with his predicted finish of all 32 teams. Sure Shuli and Paulie Baltimore helped with two but here Geno recaps those as well as gives his thoughts on all EIGHT conferences as well as some fantasy tips and of course his pick for the Thursday Night Opener
08/19/2014Geno's Picks AFC NORTH NFL previewwith Geno's Picks
Select Geno sits with Shuli Egar of the Howard 100 News team on the ride back from a Connecticut gig and talks all things Howard Stern, Stand Up Comedy and... most importantly... AFC North and Shuli's Steelers including how a boy raised in Israel and The West Coast would become a Pittsburgh Football Fan. Listen in!!!
08/14/2014Geno's Picks AFC SOUTH NFL previewwith Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back with the easiest of all predictions this year the AFC South. But before Geno gets to that he breaks down his ALS ICE BUCKET Challenge, Why the replay rule in the MLB and NFL mirrors our society's increasing fear of living in the present and why backup QB's should be kicking ass in the pre-season. Here we go...