10/21/2016Geno's Picks NFL Week 7with Geno's Picks
SelectDaddy hands you a quickie this week as Geno is in in Chicago headlining all weekend and is in the midst of a travel day. But he still has time to break down all the games and give you just enough information to build on his big nine-win Week 6.
10/14/2016Geno's Picks NFL Week 6with Geno's Picks
SelectDaddy had a lousy 5-9 week 5 dropping his overall record to 37-40-1 but if you are following his Thursday Night football picks you are 5-1 ATS and have the money to play with every Sunday. So let's try again with these Week 6 picks.
10/07/2016Geno's Picks NFL Week 5with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno's Picks POD for week 5 is up as Daddy gives you all of WEEK 5 with special in studio guest Comedian Kevin Dombrowski.
10/01/2016Geno's Picks NFL Week 4with Geno's Picks
SelectDaddy is back with his week 4 NFL break down after a so-so 7-8-1 week three that still has him at 25-22-1 on the season for a 53% win rate that may have you up 48 cents. So we will do better this week.
09/23/2016Geno's Picks NFL Week 3with Geno's Picks
SelectDaddy is back after an impressive 10-6 week ATS bringing him to 18-14 on the year. And if you follow his weekly Thursday night pick on Instagram--then you know he's already one game in the black as he called out why the Pats would win... Geno goes on to break down the full slate of WEEK 3 NFL games and his thoughts on Charlotte and how it will affect the teams in the stadium