10/21/2017Genos Picks NFL Week 7with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back with his 38-54 40% ATS record... but you are here anyway??? Awesome! Lets get to it!
10/13/2017Genos Picks NFL Week 6with Geno's Picks
Select31 wins 47 losses yet here you are... God Bless you. Geno with his NFL 6 breakdown
10/07/2017Genos Picks NFL Week 5with Geno's Picks
SelectWhat are you doing here, I will never know. unless you are working on your third home this year becasue you have been fading my 24 and 40 record ATS. Good Work... here are some more shots in the dark.
09/29/2017Genos Picks NFL Week 4with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back for week four trying to make it all right instead of just alright. With just 20 wins out of a a possible 49, he takes a crack at week 4.
09/21/2017Genos Picks NFL Week 3with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back after with his 14 win 15 loss record with a full studio. Comedians Kevin Dombrowski and Meghan Handey drop in to talk NFL Week 3 and, by the end, Hanley is handicapping for the boys.