09/23/2016Geno's Picks NFL Week 3with Geno's Picks
SelectDaddy is back after an impressive 10-6 week ATS bringing him to 18-14 on the year. And if you follow his weekly Thursday night pick on Instagram--then you know he's already one game in the black as he called out why the Pats would win... Geno goes on to break down the full slate of WEEK 3 NFL games and his thoughts on Charlotte and how it will affect the teams in the stadium
09/18/2016Geno's Picks NFL Week 2 with Geno's Picks
SelectYeah it's a quicky... but here are the Week 2 NFL picks
09/09/2016Geno's Picks NFL Week 1with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back for his NINTH season of Geno's Picks although the podcast came a little later thanks to Green Room Radio. net... This week Geno Breaks down the full opening week of games and talks about possibly adding a new Geno channel for content... and so much more!!!
04/16/2016In Hot Water with Brandon and Daddy--Welcom Home Gwith Geno's Picks
SelectBrandon and Daddy are back after their month long hiatus as Geno meandered around L.A. while Aaron Berg handled business back East. The result? A huge announcement for the podcast. Oh and of course the usual fare of Geno breaking down his recent Roast Battle victory and why, despite the win, he was not happy with it; the best appearance yet by Harry Basil: and of course a reading from Mister Manners. All that and Geno tells what really happened at the Hollywood Improv show some @artiequitter
03/11/2016In Hot Water with Brandon and Daddy with guest Natwith Geno's Picks
SelectGeno and Brandon sit with their first in studio guest (not dating Aaron) talking all things comedy. And of course Geno enjoys reading some Mister manners for two.