11/22/2014Geno's Picks Week 12 2014with Geno's Picks
SelectAfter and 8 win 6 loss week Geno is 90 and 70 to place him at 56 percent. This week in a quick twenty minute breakdown Geno talks RG3, Derek Carr, AOL, and Bill Cosby. ENJOY!!!
11/15/2014Geno's Picks Week 11 2014with Geno's Picks
SelectSure Geno has his picks breaking down the entire week 11 slate and is still at a 56 percent clip after his 9 and 4 week 10. But this week Geno has his thoughts on dumb fans and homophobic A-hole Deion Sanders.
11/08/2014Geno's Picks Week 10 2014with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno went had 8 wins last week and now is 73 and 60 on the year for a 55 percent rate. Pretty solid, but his videos remain steamy hot as he comes off another perfect week. This week Geno picks all the games and really breaks down some QB situations, and by that I mean tears apart, RG3, Romo, Kaepernick and Sanchez
11/01/2014Geno's Picks Week 9 2014with Geno's Picks
SelectWhile Geno Picks Videos remain on the good side of fortune, Daddy stumbled thorough Week 8 of his podcast going 5 and 10 ATS yet still is at a respectable 56 percent against the spread with an overall 65 and 55 record on the year. The week Geno talks QB decisions centering around RG3 and Tony Romo and why neither should be rushed back and the QB controversy the Redskins are not snuffing out by bringing back RG3 but fostering it. And of course daddy breaks down all the week 9 games.
10/24/2014Geno's Picks Week 8 2014with Geno's Picks
SelectAfter a mediocre 8-7 week ATS, Geno is down to 60-45 on the year so daddy is still pretty solid picking at a 57 percent clip. Once you get through his rambling emotional cleansing of his Chargers loss last night, he has some great picks for every game and thoughts on why Russell Wilson is man enough and black enough to be the better person in a divided Seahawks clubhouse and why as much as I love Peyton Manning, the league needs to not make it so obvious how much they do.