12/23/2016Geno's Picks NFL Week 16with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno is back after his 10-5-1 Week 15 with some Holiday Cheer.
12/16/2016Geno's Picks NFL Week 15with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno seems to finally be back, after his bumpy hiatus, with a solid breakdown of Week 15 and all things NFL. Enjoy!
12/03/2016Geno's Picks NFL Week 13with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno breaks down NFL Week in 18 caffeinated minutes.
11/26/2016Geno's Picks NFL Week 12with Geno's Picks
SelectDaddy is back with a quick update for the remaining week 11 games even though, given I picked SEVEN in my video this week, there is little left to talk about. Also, tried doing it alongside a Facebook live, will not do it again, I promise.
10/21/2016Geno's Picks NFL Week 7with Geno's Picks
SelectDaddy hands you a quickie this week as Geno is in in Chicago headlining all weekend and is in the midst of a travel day. But he still has time to break down all the games and give you just enough information to build on his big nine-win Week 6.